The MBTI Changed Joanna's Workday, How Can it Change Yours?

Published on Dec 19, 2016.

Question: What was your perspective going into MBTI?

Joanna: I didn’t even know what MBTI even was. Going in I didn’t know, or I couldn’t understand how going through a personality training or personality test was going to help me in the workplace.

Question: How was the MBTI training process for you?

Joanna: Going into the training process I thought it was solely going to be just a lecture but it was so much more than that. It was very interactive, we were moving around and it was a very visual process.

Question: What did you learn going through the MBTI workshop?

Joanna: I learned how to utilize thoughtful communication with my co-workers. When I say thoughtful communication I mean intentionally thinking about who they are and how they function before I phrase a question or before I interact with them.

Question: What did you learn about your coworkers?

Joanna: I learned the difference between my coworkers and myself. The learning taught me about the different personality preferences and how to phrase questions in order to boost my co-workers creativity and their understanding.

Question: How do you use what you learned in the MBTI workshop in your day to day interactions?

Joanna: In the MBTI workshop I learned that some people have a preference for sensing and other people have a preference for intuition. For example, when I am interacting with my coworker who has a preference for sensing I will lead with a story or give a background. When I am interacting with a coworker who has a preference for intuition I will be very straight forward and to the point.

Question: Who would benefit from this workshop?

Joanna: Really? Who wouldn’t benefit from this workshop? I have seen it improve our workplace between employee and employee interactions. I have seen it benefit the dynamic in a family between a parent a how they communicate and interact with their children. I have seen it really improve communication in couples.

Question: How was the MBTI of value to you?

Joanna: The MBTI workshop was valuable to me because it’s not just a personality test. It is a tool based on research and it really helped me better understand my workplace. It teaches you not only how to communicate with your coworkers but also how to better understand their perspectives.

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