Who's Got the Wheel?

November 8, 2016


 Because disengagement is the natural byproduct of disengagement, when leaders do not engage the minds of their people, they lose their hearts.

Learning Leadership Styles Off the Coast of Alaska

November 1, 2016


Growing up on the coast of Alaska, I have spent many hours out in our family’s 16 foot skiff fishing for halibut.  As a young child, maybe aged six or seven, my dad would set me, my brother, and my sister in the boat.  My parents would launch the boat off the beach, and we would head off across the glassy smooth Pacific.

It’s About Who Has Your Back

October 26, 2016


True, leadership, as a subject, is quite comprehensive and complex, but is this really how it translates in practice?

Why Leadership Scares Me

October 20, 2016


Recently, I was visiting with a colleague who was reflecting on his recently appointed position of leadership. He was asking the question, “Am I qualified to do this?”. As he considered those he was now leading, he saw similar abilities, similar experience, and similar potential, but here he was, the leader.

5 Tips to Help Improve Team Collaboration

October 14, 2016


Teams thrive or die on their ability to work together. Collaboration is a buzzword that is regularly thrown around, but what team behaviors and attitudes actually promote collaboration?