Bringing you convenient, relevant, and affordable professional development...

There are a few things you might be asking yourself about your next professional development offering

  • How can we ensure our teachers will get the most out of this course?
  • Who is going to teach the course?
  • How are we going to get access to the content?

Luckily, you've come to the right place. The Center for Professional Development at Northwest Nazarene University offers in-district professional development for districts and schools.

"I was nervous to try and offer a professional development class to my fellow educators. NNU was there every step of the way and made the process fairly simple and easy. Whenever I had a question, the staff was there to help. Offering the PD credit was a win all the way around, and I am grateful for the ease of NNU's process." - Jeralyn Mire, Sandpoint High School

Here is what we will provide for you:

  • Large variety of course options (see below)
  • 1 day hybrid and 2 day workshops (15 hours)
  • Support every step of the way
  • Expert instructors
In-District Workshop Cost
Instructional Fee Student Registration Fee Instructor Travel Cost
$750 / day $100 / student (Includes PD credit) Dependent on location (Varies)
To inquire about bringing an NNU Workshop to your district or building, please contact the Center for Professional Development at

View the list of available courses below:

Becoming Better: In this course, participants will examine what it takes to become better. Surprisingly, we all have everything we need to do this; it comes down to making choices, prioritizing what is important, and focusing on what we can control...
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Design Thinking for Teachers & Students: Teachers can learn design thinking principles in order to apply them to curriculum development, school processes, teacher collaboration, and parent communication...
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Differentiated Learning: In this hands-on workshop, educators will learn how to differentiate by incorporating helpful strategies, leveled learning, and student interests into daily lesson planning...
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Don't Hate the Player: Using Games and Simulated Experiences to Enhance Learning: In this course, participants will interact and play games with one another and gain insights into how they can incorporate simulations and meaningful projects into their classrooms that break down the barrier between work and play...
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H.A.C.K Model of Innovation Instruction: H.A.C.K is designed to move a classroom from a highly structured environment to more student-centered instruction where students take ownership and personalize their learning...
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Integrating Multimedia (Online): This course will focus on how to effectively integrate multimedia into curriculum and instruction in the face-to-face, hybrid, and online classroom, and how to use the technology in light of best practices...
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Introduction to WIDA: This course is an introductory course for educators. In this course, participants will learn what their responsibilities are as teachers working with English Learners...
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Learning with the Heart: The Learning with the Heart workshop is designed to provide an overview of the importance and critical role the heart plays in impacting our emotional experience...
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Mindful Teaching: Creating a Learning Environment for Student Success: This course is designed to familiarize participants with the latest research connecting brain function and effective educational strategies that support the learning process...
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Teaching with the Brain in Mind: This course is designed to familiarize participants with the latest research connecting brain function and the educational strategies that support the learning process...
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Working with At-Risk Students: In this course, we analyze the traits of high-performing, high-poverty schools with emphasis on exploring strategies to reduce the achievement gap and building community partnerships...
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To learn about workshop options, download the In-District Workshop flyer or click on the specific course in the left-hand menu.