NNU K-12 In-District workshop: Don't Hate the Player: Using Games and Simulated Experiences to Enhance Learning

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Don't Hate the Player: Using Games and Simulated Experiences to Enhance Learning

The element of play is one of the most important and necessary aspects of any culture. Yet increasingly our education system is distancing itself from the freeing, enjoyable, even order-establishing element of play and instead imposing a cultural standardization of learning. But there is hope for change! In this course, participants will interact and play games with one another and gain insights into how they can incorporate simulations and meaningful projects into their classrooms that break down the barrier between work and play, making formal learning interactive, transferable, and, yes, even fun.

Dr. Stephen Gibson
Stephen is a high school English teacher, university writing instructor, amateur game designer, and all-around great guy. He holds an MA in Composition and Rhetoric and has spent the past two years studying the impact of games as persuasive texts and vivid learning experiences.

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