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  • We work with quality third party providers (VESi, ASCD, and ARC)
  • We have a real person when you call (Joanna)
  • We have expert personnel devoted to educators

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** Please allow for a minimum of two weeks after completion of the course for grading before requesting a transcript.



Virtual Education Software Inc. provides teachers with specialized and current online content in the area of education. Courses may be taken either Pass/Fail or Graded. Two or three credit options are available and the student has six months to complete their course work and submit it to VESi. 
*Only registration with NNU is necessary; NNU will inform VESi of registrations.


Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development supplies teachers with a diverse collection of pertinent online content in the area of education. The student has six months to complete an ASCD course and will earn one Pass/Fail professional development credit upon completion. 
*Registration with both NNU and ASCD is necessary.


Academic Research Connections provides a virtual learning curriculum. Students will complete coursework through internet research, DVD's, CD Rom, and e-mail. Each course qualifies for two Pass/Fail professional development credits and will be completed within time period given.
*Registration with both NNU and ARC is necessary.