Danielson Framework
Teacher Evaluation Administrator Recertification Course

In order to recertify, administrators are required to complete a three-credit course in the statewide Danielson framework for teacher evaluation. Completion of the three modules of this three-credit course meets the requirements set forth by the State Board of Education and the requirements outlined by the State Department of Education. 

The course is divided into three modules to accommodate the time constraints of Idaho Administrators. The modules are to be taken in sequential order.

  • Module 1: Observation Skills
  • Module 2: Calibration of Observation Skills 
  • Module 3: Student Assessment in Idaho Teacher Evaluation and Learning Focused Conversations

Module offerings are also listed on the State Department of Education website. Administrators must first register with the State Department of Education.  

Each two-day workshop supports observers and evaluators with an opportunity to calibrate their skills with other professionals and Danielson Consultants. These workshop credits will be accepted towards the renewal requirement for administrative certification.

Module 1

Upcoming Courses

August 7 - 8, 2018Post Falls
August 13 - 14, 2018Boise
September 13 - 14, 2018Pocatello
November 14 - 15, 2018Post Falls
January 22 - 23, 2019Boise
March 14 - 15, 2019Pocatello

Module 2

Upcoming Courses

August 9 - 10, 2018Post Falls
September 10 - 11, 2018Boise
October 25 - 26, 2018Pocatello
February 19 - 20, 2018Post Falls
March 11 - 12, 2019Boise
April 4 - 5, 2019Pocatello

Module 3

Upcoming Courses

October 22 - 23, 2018Boise
November 12 - 13, 2018Post Falls
December 3 - 4, 2018Pocatello
March 19 - 20, 2019Post Falls
April 1 - 2, 2019Boise
April 25 - 26, 2019Pocatello

Meet Your Instructors

Kathleen Hanson

Kathleen Hanson is a Danielson Group Consultant working directly with Charlotte Danielson. Her career encompasses classroom teaching, administrative work in schools and the district level. Her work as a building administrator afforded her the opportunity to work closely with the Special Education programs in her district, directly supervising the broad spectrum of classes at the elementary level as well as revamping the program for the Behavior Disorder district program. She has consulted with the Idaho Building Capacity Project, Adaptive Schools, and the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching. Kathleen has been instrumental in supporting Idaho educators with opportunities in Teacher Quality Practice, Supervision and Observation Certification, Student Engagement, and Mentoring. Work with the Danielson Group has provided opportunities to present at National Conferences and to facilitate workshops nationally in the Framework for Teaching.

Joani Peterson

Joanie Peterson is a graduate of the University of California at Davis, whose 30-year career span includes classroom teacher, counselor, central office Human Resources and Professional Development Administrator and Board of Trustee in the K-12 education system; faculty member, counselor, and administrator at the community college and university level. Peterson specializes in the recruitment and the hiring process, mentor and induction programs and teacher evaluation based on the Danielson Framework for Teaching since 2002. Peterson provides support in facilitating professional growth on teacher effectiveness, data-driven decision-making processes, observation, calibration, and teacher evaluation design using the Framework for Teaching.