Becoming Better

What does it take to become a better teacher, a better administrator, or a better school? In this course, participants will examine what it takes to become better. Surprisingly, we all have everything we need to do this; it comes down to making choices, prioritizing what is important, and focusing on what we can control. It does not involve stretching an already thin budget, but instead, maximizing on current resources, our people. This course is recommended for school and/or district teams.

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Dr. Kelsey Williams

Dr. Kelsey Williams has been working with at-risk, non-traditional student populations for over 10 years. She has experience teaching overseas. Currently she is working as the administrator at Another Choice Virtual Charter School in Boise, ID.

Students who qualify for and desire accommodations in this course due to a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, must follow the NNU Disability Services Policies and Procedures as put forth by the office of Disability Services. Any student may review a copy of these policies and procedures at Call 208-467-8463 or email for further information.