Design Thinking for Teachers & Students: 21st Century Innovation

Design thinking is a creative act. A design thinking mindset encourages ideating and experimenting. It provides permission to fail. It encourages learning from mistakes. A design thinking mindset develops innovative thinking, a needed core competence for the future.

Teachers can learn design thinking principles in order to apply them to curriculum development, school processes, teacher collaboration, and parent communication. More importantly, teachers can learn design thinking principles in order to teach them to their students. Students can develop a design thinking mindset that is experimental, empathy/human-centered, and forward moving. Design thinking helps prepare students for a complex and ever-changing workplace.


  • Gain a foundational understanding of design thinking methodology.
  • Learn design-thinking activities to use in the classroom.


  • Identify the key aspects of design thinking.
  • Practice using design thinking methodology.
  • Use design thinking to test an idea relevant to the classroom or school.

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Christa Sandidge

Christa is the Assistant Director of the Center for Professional Development and serves as Education Liaison to Idaho school districts and educators. Christa holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Northwest Nazarene University.

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