Professional Development Workshops

Succeeding professionally requires adaptive skills in many areas. Where do you go to learn how to improve your organizational outcomes? 

Below you will find a list of workshops that we currently offer. These workshops can be offered as personalized in-house training within your organization. 

Our learning development instructors are also able to customize to your company's development needs. Please contact CPD at to receive more information on in-house training.

Available Workshops


Christa Sandidge, Ed.D.
Christa is the Assistant Director at CPD; she holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and an Ed.D. in Leadership and Professional Practice. Christa develops and facilitates highly effective action learning training for onsite and online learning development in the areas of performance improvement, innovation methods, employee engagement, and team and leader development.

Dave Covington, MBA, Ed.D.
Dave is the Director at CPD. Dave brings more than 25 years of professional leadership practice to training design and instruction. His areas of expertise include: strategic thinking and execution, leader and team development, performance improvement, innovation methods, and emotional intelligence. Dave has a MBA in Strategic Management and an Ed.D. in Leadership and Professional Practice.