Managing Organizational Transitions

Change happens: everyday, all the time, everywhere. This workshop helps leaders to understand and work with the psychological factors of how people encounter change, to better prepare the leaders, their teams, and the organization to navigate change more successfully. In this course you will learn how to help others navigate the following stages and gain more positive engagement to support the needed changes.

Endings - feelings of sadness, anger, denial, resentment, fear, anxiety, loss, betrayal, abandonment — emotions often labeled as negative, but fairly predictable and normal when people are grappling with the Ending. Even with positive change there are endings and losses to deal with.

Neutral Zone - feelings of confusion, disorientation, apathy, feeling lost, disconnected, impatient. Often people complain about a lack of leadership. People wander off, literally by quitting, or they show up but really are not working. Decisions are not made, or made when they shouldn’t be, only to give people a sense of movement or action. This is also a time of creativity and reinvention.

New Beginnings - feelings of feeling settled, completion, satisfaction, energized, excited, vigorous, renewed. At a minimum people feel okay with the change but there may be a profound sense of commitment. This New Beginning is quite different from the start of the change. It is when the organization and individuals have finally arrived, and the gains intended with the change actually start to materialize and can be garnered.

The Managing Organizational Transitions workshop will teach participants how to help their team navigate through significant changes. The program also provides the knowledge and skills required to renew people's creativity and commitment so that you and your team can implement change successfully.

Training Outcomes

  • Describe the critical difference between managing change and facilitating transition
  • Identify where people are located in the three-phase transition process and learn to coach them to effectively manage their transitions
  • Create and implement effective strategies to:
  • Help others manage endings and losses
  • Lead others through the Neutral Zone
  • Support and reinforce New Beginnings
  • Prepare to have one-on-one coaching conversations to identify where people are in their transition process and help them move along toward the New Beginning

How to Register

Managing Organizational Transitions

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Cost: $159
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