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About the Program

The Organizational Edge by Design program, led by the NNU Center for Professional Development, can help you build team capacity to create and deliver value for your business. The one day (7 to 8 hours) program focuses on your customers, exploring real improvements and seizing advantages to grow the value you want to provide. In this training, your team will learn what is holding your business back, experience a deep dive to examine how your business operates to serve your customers, and improve your understanding of what customers value.

Develop innovation practices that improve your ability to:

  • Investigate and discover new opportunities
  • Understand your customer better
  • Increase the value you provide your customers
  • Move viable solutions forward

The Organizational Edge by Design program will provide:

  • a constructive model for developing continuous improvement habits
  • the development of collaborative, innovative team thinking and practices

The program utilizes a design thinking project development model:


Examine the value you provide your customers


Discover and Re-Imagine

Discover and re-imagine ideas to improve the value you provide for your customer and organization

Develop Solutions

Develop potential solutions to improve customer engagement, communication, processes, and services


Test and Evaluate

Test the quality of your solutions with customers and assess the ideas through customer feedback


Organizational Edge by Design Workshop

$2500 per team
(4 to 15 people)

Build team capacity to create and deliver value for your business.

  • Includes all study materials
  • Ideal for teams of 15 or fewer

Enterprise Level

Special pricing available to organizations larger than 50 employees or that have multiple teams. Call to schedule a pilot training for a team within your organization.

  • Volume discounts available

Preferred Partner Program

Organizations have the opportunity to partner with NNU Center for Professional Development to receive ongoing benefits for their organization.

  • Discounts for all CPD training
  • Volume discounts available

How It Works

Organizational Edge By Design incorporates design thinking principles, typically utilized by strategy teams, and teaches them to any team in an organization. This training promotes transparency, collaboration, communication, engagement, innovation, customer needs awareness, and problem-solving within your team.


This training may be held either at your organization or on the campus of Northwest Nazarene University.

Dates & Times

The dates of the Team Performance Improvement training are scheduled according to your team's availability.

How Long is the Training?

The training lasts one day (7 to 8 hours) and includes a follow-up session (2 to 3 hours) a few weeks later.

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